Channel partner programmes that deliver results

Channel Partner Programmes

Your channel partners interact with several different organisations on a regular basis - so it is important that your channel partner relationship endures the test of time and your brand remains competitive.

Power2Motivate work in partnership with you to develop strategy, help establish a culture of loyalty, and motivate your channel partners to live and breathe your brand.

Your programme will drive bottom-line performance, strengthen and secure channel partner relationships and will give your business a clear advantage amongst your competitors.

Our easy to use cloud-based platform is packed with features and can be customised to your business needs. Available in 17 languages, your channel partners across the globe can login from any web-enabled device.

Our fully customisable platform can be tailored to best suit your needs. Whether you wish to boost brand awareness, or reward positive behaviour change, Power2Motivate will get you results.

With real-time reporting, you are in control. ROI and KPI tracking will help measure the impact of your programme, as well as every dollar.


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Proven to boost business performance.

Incentive Marketing

Sales and Channel Incentive Programmes

Strengthen your channel relationships and better engage your partners. Educate, inform, train and reward. Delivering tangible incentives that drive performance.

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Customer Loyalty Programmes

Give your customers more reasons to buy from you and create more reasons to engage with them with their choice of high-value rewards.

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Travel Incentives

Improve business performance with a travel incentive programme

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Member Benefits Programmes

Build an emotional connection with your member base

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Employee Engagement

Sales Incentive Programmes

Reward outstanding sales performance and foster healthy competition between teams with fun and motivational sales incentive programmes.

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Employee Rewards & Recognition Programmes

Build a powerful performance-based culture of recognition

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Years of Service Awards

Reward loyal employees to strengthen relationships and make them feel valued

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Employee Benefits

Provide your employees with the perks they will love you for

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Our incentive marketing and employee rewards programmes make a real impact in businesses around the world. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Mitel - Channel Partner Programme

“Since the first day that we started working with P2M they have been extremely professional and provided outstanding support. The receptive response we had to P2M from our channel partners was fantastic. They found it easy to use and quick to see the benefits of selling our solutions. P2M also worked with us to help expand the programme and adapt as our business grew.”

Orange Spirit Award And Years Of Service Programme

“We chose P2M because we were able to customise the programme and awards to meet the needs of our organization. We use P2M to provide service awards to employees who have reached their 5 & 10 years of service. We also use P2M for our employee recognition programme called the Orange Spirit Award. This is a customized award based on values and principles and awarded to employees that go above and beyond normal job requirements. Previously, we had a service awards programme in place that was a manual process and now thanks to P2M this is completely automated."

Rewards Me Programme

“Our members and managers have embraced the Nomination Wizard with gusto, and as a consequence, we as a business can now visibly track all of the positive impacts our people have on our business. This could not be done before with our paper based approach to reward and recognition.”

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