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Member Benefits

When you are trying to put an effective rewards programme in place for your members and customers, making an offering attractive enough to encourage sign-ups and retain a strong subscription base are challenges that many of our clients face.

In a market flooded by an increasing number of loyalty and engagement programmes vying for the attention of potential members, you need to know that your particular benefits programme will be able to cut through the competition. That's when it's time to contact Power2Motivate - the experts at tailoring and deploying member benefits and customer loyalty solutions across the world.

Our unique member benefits platform is designed to flip the traditional programme on its head - rather than trying to convince sceptical people to join, the strength of our offers, and discounts show them what they are missing out on by not getting involved.


What do people want out of member benefits?

The goal for your member benefits programme should be to make an impact on the lives of participants and their families. Power2Motivate's customisable programmes offer tangible benefits, offers and heavily discounted merchandise, increasing the emotional connection between your members and your brand, as well as driving increased loyalty and brand advocacy for your business.

Our 25 years of experience in the customer loyalty and incentive arena has allowed us to create our unique proposition, offering member benefits exclusive to our service. Take a look at some of the rewards our global buying power allows our clients' members access to:

  • Access to a world-leading merchandise store, full of heavily discounted products from leading brands such as Samsung, Dyson and HP

  • Huge savings on a large range of gift cards

  • Global travel discounts, including flights, hotels, resorts, villas, car hire, cruises, activities and more

  • A wealth of entertainment options, including over 10,000 discounted books, music, movies, TV shows and video games

  • Unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, with thousands of two-for-one offers and discounted entry into the some of the world's top attractions

  • Exclusive, difficult to obtain, premium and sold-out tickets for events locally and worldwide, all available at a discount

How does Power2Motivate support your organisation?

Power2Motivate provides a complete end-to-end programme offering. We will manage your unique member benefits programme every step of the way - from strategy, designing and building your platform, operation and management, including communications, insights, analysis and reporting. As one of our valued clients, our offering will allow you to:

  • Build the emotional connection with your member base

  • Increase engagement levels

  • Attract, retain and grow membership levels

  • Add additional revenue streams

  • Help your organisation improve its bottom line

Talk to us today to find out how Power2Motivate can help your organisation achieve its membership and customer loyalty objectives.

*Member Benefits Programmes are currently available only in US, UK, Australia and Canada.

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