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37% Increase in channel partner programme membership between FY 2015 and 2016.
60% Over the desired participation rate
39% Year on year sales uplift based on engaged resellers

Some of the strongest work we did this past year came as part of our partnership with PFU Fujitsu. PFU wanted to come up with an entirely new strategy for rewarding channel partners/resellers & we played a key role in making that happen.

Fujitsu PFU
28% Increase of sales compared to the period of Jan-Mar 2014
260% Increase of engagement levels than anticipated for participation rates
530 Eligible registrations
150% Increase in Reseller Spend compared to Jan-Mar 14

"The levels of engagement from our partners during a promotion overload period exceeded anything we’ve done in the past and I’m looking forward to what the creative minds at Power2Motivate put together for our 2015 back to school/work period."

Karen Gillette, B2B Channel Manager, Brother International Australia
73% Of employees have received an award
80% Have used the system since launch
101259411 Points have been issued through the ANZ Direct programme
5724 Awards have been received

ANZ Direct are a long-standing Power2Motivate client. Their Reward and Recognition recognition program has been, and still is, very successful. With over 80% of ANZ Direct employees engaging with the program and over 100 million points issued, the program continues to motivate ANZ Direct employees to live and breathe ANZ values.

55% Participation and login rates
28% Increase of rewards claimed
250 Increase of active members
24 New partner programmes signed up

The programme increases revenue and long-term loyalty from the reseller community. NEC channel account managers have access to full reporting on their partners’ activity so they can celebrate successes and strengthen relationships – helping to keep NEC top of mind and shift channel sales behaviours. 

87.9% Have used system since launch
81.3% Have nominated their peers
95.4% Have received an award
17% Employee satisfaction rose

"Since the launch of the Novartis Animal Health rewards programme, we have seen a seismic shift in culture. Recent feedback from our employees and managers has crystallised that the Power2Motivate solution has been central to this change." 

Stephanie Grima, HR Associate, NAH
121,439,425 Points have been issued
71% Of employees have received an award
5% Increase of attendance after launch
8602 Awards have been received

The highly available system allows the company’s head office to standardise their approach to rewarding employees across all branches. Every office can share the same organisational values and the way in which they promote, reward and report on them. Our system lets Stellar see how staff engage with the recognition programme and recorded 13,829 individual instances of recognition within the first months of launching the programme. 

100% Participation and login rates rose from 80%-100%
20% Of staff members received an award per month
7269 Awards have been issued
20195212 Points have been issued

Since launching the Luminosity programme we have seen an increase in engagement with our company values. The gallery is fantastic, employees love the idea of receiving points and it really helps Lumo Energy reward awesomeness.
Kerrie Erskine, Remuneration and Benefits Manager

Lumo Energy
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Our incentive marketing and employee rewards programmes make a real impact in businesses just like yours, around the world. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Mitel - Channel Partner Programme

“Since the first day that we started working with P2M they have been extremely professional and provided outstanding support. The receptive response we had to P2M from our channel partners was fantastic. They found it easy to use and quick to see the benefits of selling our solutions. P2M also worked with us to help expand the programme and adapt as our business grew.”

Luminosity Programme

Since launching the Luminosity programme we have seen an increase in engagement with our company values. The gallery is fantastic, employees love the idea of receiving points and it really helps Lumo Energy reward awesomeness. Power2Motivate provide comprehensive reporting on a regular basis showing our ROI and tracks how engaged our employees are, not only with the programme, but with our company values as well.

illuminate Programme

"Power2Motivate have helped Hollard to further build and foster a culture of recognition. We have every department actively engaging with the program and demonstrating our company values. The support and service we receive from our Motivation Coach and their team is outstanding and their service levels are a cut above the rest."

Orange Spirit Award And Years Of Service Programme

“We chose P2M because we were able to customise the programme and awards to meet the needs of our organization. We use P2M to provide service awards to employees who have reached their 5 & 10 years of service. We also use P2M for our employee recognition programme called the Orange Spirit Award. This is a customized award based on values and principles and awarded to employees that go above and beyond normal job requirements. Previously, we had a service awards programme in place that was a manual process and now thanks to P2M this is completely automated."

Years of Service Programme

“We are going into our second year of working with Power2Motivate to provide our employees with Years of Service awards. I used to do it manually all myself. P2M has really eased my workload. We provide rewards for five years of service and up with a recognition, point-based programme. We based our P2M programme on what we were originally rewarding to our employees, and converted the dollar value of our existing programme into the P2M points-based reward system. The other nice thing with this programme is that if our employees are short a few points to get the reward they want, they can go online and purchase the extra points they need.”

State Super Financial Services
State Super Financial Services

“We started our journey with Power2Motivate in September 2012. From initial concept stages to implementation the team at Power2Motivate were fantastic in guiding us through this process and provided exceptional service to ensure our implementation was seamless. The programme is easy to use and although we are in early days, feedback from our members has been excellent.”