• Reporting

    See your results up in lights

    We like to make reporting easy - that’s why we have our three-click reporting system in place. Whether it be a report on how many people have logged in to the programme to how many awards have been issued per department, it only takes three-clicks. These easy to read reports can be downloaded in PDF and Excel formats and show ROI and engagement.

  • Global Rewards Gallery

    Access the coolest rewards across the planet

    Our memorable rewards offering is global, with reach to over 150 countries. Each reward is locally sourced, shipped, handled and delivered to the employee's doorstep or office within 10 working days. With access to hundreds of suppliers globally, our global rewards are up-to-date, affordable and culturally relevant, meaning that there is something for everyone. At any one time, our global rewards offering exceeds the millions, from the latest in electronic goods, to household appliances, sporting goods, event tickets and our global vacations and travel section, where members can book flights, cruises and accommodation.  Employees love the ability to have access to literally spend their points on anything. 

  • Nomination Wizard

    Let our nomination wizard create some magic in your workplace

    Every employee deserves some sort of recognition. Our Nomination Wizard makes it easy. The Wizard will create a nomination that can either be automatically approved, or will send the nomination through to the nominee’s manager for approval. You can create a culture of recognition and get your employees engaged with the company values. It’s magic!

  • Badges/Trophy Case

    Highlight achievements with customised virtual trophies and badges

    Gamify your employee and customers achievements by rewarding them with a virtual badges or trophies. You can tailor the badges and trophies to suit your needs, from issuing points to rewarding them with a token. It’s fun, easy and makes their achievement stand out! 

  • Metrics Manager & Leaderboards

    Create healthy competition and put the control in your customer's hands

    Tracking key metrics is fundamental for all businesses. With the Power2Motivate Metric Manager you can create rules based on your customers status levels, target SKUs and member or product data. You can put the power in your customer’s hands by letting them submit any sales they’ve made and even better - track your customers selling trends. All of this information can be converted into leaderboards to motivate your customers and create healthy competition.

  • Instant Recognition Cards

    Make it immediate with our instant recognition cards

    Instant Recognition Cards are great for recognising your customers and employees on the spot. Your customers and employees will love being able to physically ‘touch’ their points and everyone loves a bit of instant gratification.

  • Years of Service Awards

    Recognise your loyal employees and customers with Years of Service Awards

    Create lasting memories and celebrate their success using Power2Motivate’s Service Award centre. You can set reminders to be emailed out to managers or sales representatives before the service date and issue certificates and points to your customers and employees to recognise their loyalty to your business.

  • News Feed & Communication Centre

    Communicate effectively with your customers and employees

    Power2Motivate like to make sure that you are heard - so we have a full-blown Communication Centre to cater to all your communication needs. Whether it be sending a Welcome Letter to introduce your customer to the programme to targeted campaigns to specific audiences; our News Feed and Communication Centre can do it all.

  • Social Recognition

    Get connected with our savvy social recognition feed

    Get Social! Power2Motivate features a reward news stream, where your employees can add ‘peers’ to their network and be kept up-to-date with who in the organisation is being recognised. Employees can build their network and celebrate in their peers successes!

  • Birthday Awards

    Don't forget another one of your customer's or employee's birthdays again

    Getting old is a chore, so make it fun and celebrate (loudly or quietly) your employees or customers life milestones by using Power2Motivate’s Birthday Awards centre. Whether it is their 21st or 75th birthday, make them feel special with a system generated birthday card and the ability to never forget their birthday again.

  • Budget Manager

    Track your money and control your spend

    It’s your money - so you are in control. Power2Motivate has a feature rich budget manager, ensuring that your hard earned dollars are carefully managed and distributed correctly. You can assign budget on a departmental or manager level and can track the spending habits of your managers.

  • Point Manager

    Set targets and let your customers points grow

    Turn your rewards system into a holding account. Power2Motivate’s point manager lets you ‘name’ point types, set expiration dates, and allows for points to be released and prespecified times.

  • Travel Incentives

    Provide money can't buy experiences

    Your customers or employees will never forget your business with Power2Motivates Travel Incentive Programmes. Power2Motivate have access to a vast array of once in a lifetime experiences that create lasting memories and strengthen your relationships. From Ice Car Driving in Northern Europe to hanging out with the Whos-Who of Hollywood, we specialise in creating memories.

  • Surveys

    Understand what makes your employees and customers tick

    Your employees and customers are important, so find out what they think by using Power2Motivate’s Survey tool. The Survey tool can be used to gain valuable insights and ultimately drive change.

  • Training

    Up-skill your employees and customers and reward them for their efforts

    Up-skilling and training is essential. With Power2Motivate’s Training centre you can centralise all your training material to one platform. With our SCORM compliant LMS system, you have the ability to load your training material into the platform and oversee how your customers and employees are tracking.

Our Solutions

Proven to boost business performance.

Incentive Marketing

 Reseller & Channel Partner Incentive Programmes

Strengthen channel partner relationships and boost your revenue with channel partner incentive programmes that work.


 Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programmes

Power2Motivate provides you with the tools to build a culture of customer loyalty with real-time reporting to ensure ROI


 Travel Incentives and Rewards Programmes

Increase productivity, boost customer engagement and promote sales growth through travel incentive programmes that stand out


 Membership Benefits and Loyalty Programmes

Power2Motivate provides a platform to attract and engage your membership base with customisable membership programmes


Employee Engagement

 Sales Incentive Programmes

Pump sales, boost revenue and reward outstanding sales performance, partners or distributors with incentive programmes


 Employee Rewards and Recognition Programmes

Our collaborative peer-to-peer employee rewards & recognition programmes put your staff in control and let them choose their own rewards


 Years of Service Award Programm

Our Years of Service Award programme will motivate, engage and help you retain your most loyal employees


 Staff and Employee Benefits Programmes

: Power2Motivate gives you the ability to attract, retain and engage your workforce through an online employee benefits platform



Our incentive marketing and employee rewards programmes make a real impact in businesses just like yours, around the world. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Mitel - Channel Partner Programme

“Since the first day that we started working with P2M they have been extremely professional and provided outstanding support. The receptive response we had to P2M from our channel partners was fantastic. They found it easy to use and quick to see the benefits of selling our solutions. P2M also worked with us to help expand the programme and adapt as our business grew.”

Luminosity Programme

Since launching the Luminosity programme we have seen an increase in engagement with our company values. The gallery is fantastic, employees love the idea of receiving points and it really helps Lumo Energy reward awesomeness. Power2Motivate provide comprehensive reporting on a regular basis showing our ROI and tracks how engaged our employees are, not only with the programme, but with our company values as well.

illuminate Programme

"Power2Motivate have helped Hollard to further build and foster a culture of recognition. We have every department actively engaging with the program and demonstrating our company values. The support and service we receive from our Motivation Coach and their team is outstanding and their service levels are a cut above the rest."

Orange Spirit Award And Years Of Service Programme

“We chose P2M because we were able to customise the programme and awards to meet the needs of our organization. We use P2M to provide service awards to employees who have reached their 5 & 10 years of service. We also use P2M for our employee recognition programme called the Orange Spirit Award. This is a customized award based on values and principles and awarded to employees that go above and beyond normal job requirements. Previously, we had a service awards programme in place that was a manual process and now thanks to P2M this is completely automated."

Years of Service Programme

“We are going into our second year of working with Power2Motivate to provide our employees with Years of Service awards. I used to do it manually all myself. P2M has really eased my workload. We provide rewards for five years of service and up with a recognition, point-based programme. We based our P2M programme on what we were originally rewarding to our employees, and converted the dollar value of our existing programme into the P2M points-based reward system. The other nice thing with this programme is that if our employees are short a few points to get the reward they want, they can go online and purchase the extra points they need.”

State Super Financial Services
State Super Financial Services

“We started our journey with Power2Motivate in September 2012. From initial concept stages to implementation the team at Power2Motivate were fantastic in guiding us through this process and provided exceptional service to ensure our implementation was seamless. The programme is easy to use and although we are in early days, feedback from our members has been excellent.”