Tracking the success of customer loyalty programmes

21 September 2017

Retaining your valuable clients is one of the most important aspects of running a business, so find out how a customer loyalty programme could help you.

There can be little argument that, while it's always nice to attract new business, maintaining customer loyalty is essential for long-term success in your organisation. It's not good enough to simply top-up an outgoing client base with new leads - achieving growth means building on what's already there, not replacing it.

While some businesses simply rely on their unique products or pricing models to retain customers, going the extra mile for clients is an often overlooked skill which can give your company a distinct advantage. Offering rewards and incentives for long-term loyalty or large orders, for example, is a terrific way of giving your valuable customers a reason to keep coming back to you.

"Rewarding your customers is a great way to keep them coming back."

Proven results of customer loyalty programmes

A survey carried out by Technology Advice looked into loyalty programmes specifically, and what the appeal is for those who participate. Perhaps unsurprisingly, over 50 per cent of respondents spoke highly of the financial savings benefits which are part of many schemes, but an impressive 41.1 per cent also named earning and receiving rewards as a key motivator for them. 

Allowing customers to accrue points that can be redeemed for all manner of rewards, such as tickets to events or even travel incentives, is a great way to build that loyalty that businesses so desire. 

"The concept of 'gamification' is a relatively new one, but one which is having a big impact."

The gift of gamification

No one is denying that video games have become an omnipresent part of modern society, but it has been interesting to see how the mechanics that make a compelling game have begun to transfer to other parts of our lives. The concept of 'gamification' is a relatively new one, but one which is having a big impact. 

Hanover Research found that amongst the most successful customer loyalty programmes, the ability to track and set incentive goals was something many participants were interested in. Allowing your customers to monitor their own progress can give them the extra impetus to pay for additional products or services. After all, if you could see how close you are to the next reward, wouldn't you feel compelled to go that little bit further?

When your organisation is ready to embrace the possibilities of gamification and a customer loyalty programme, Power2Motivate has the perfect system for implementing and tracking your unique offering. Talk to us about arranging a demo, or to simply find out more about how we can help you retain your customers through incentives.


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Australia faces an employee engagement crisis - what can be done?

An engaged workforce is the key to a successful business - but engagement is hard to come by in Australia these days. How can you motivate people better?.

Australia faces an employee engagement crisis - what can be done?

An engaged workforce is the key to a successful business - but engagement is hard to come by in Australia these days. How can you motivate people better?.

Australia faces an employee engagement crisis - what can be done?

An engaged workforce is the key to a successful business - but engagement is hard to come by in Australia these days. How can you motivate people better?.

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Power2Motivate takes home two 2017 IMA Circle of Excellence awards

At Power2Motivate, we work hard every day to help our clients improve their business. We now have two IMA Circle of Excellence awards to show for it..

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Power2Motivate takes home two 2017 IMA Circle of Excellence awards

At Power2Motivate, we work hard every day to help our clients improve their business. We now have two IMA Circle of Excellence awards to show for it..

What do customers want from a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs can be hugely beneficial but what do consumers want out of these loyalty initiatives? Let's take a closer look..

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What makes a great employee rewards platform?

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Power2Motivate takes home two 2017 IMA Circle of Excellence awards

At Power2Motivate, we work hard every day to help our clients improve their business. We now have two IMA Circle of Excellence awards to show for it..

Power2Motivate takes home two 2017 IMA Circle of Excellence awards

At Power2Motivate, we work hard every day to help our clients improve their business. We now have two IMA Circle of Excellence awards to show for it..

What do customers want from a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs can be hugely beneficial but what do consumers want out of these loyalty initiatives? Let's take a closer look..

Power2Motivate takes home two 2017 IMA Circle of Excellence awards

At Power2Motivate, we work hard every day to help our clients improve their business. We now have two IMA Circle of Excellence awards to show for it..

Why experiential rewards should be your priority this year

Experiential rewards are becoming increasingly popular. Why should you introduce them as part of your Employee Rewards and Recognition Program?.

How to create an incentive program for a modern sales team

The modern sales rep is very different to traditional sales professionals. Here's how you cater for this in your Sales Incentive Program. .

Employee recognition categories you may not have thought of

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3 Sales Incentive resolutions to make in 2019

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How to measure employee engagement at work

Employee engagement involves emotion, which is why it can often be hard to measure. Here are our tips for measuring employee engagement at your organisation..

3 tips for managing your international channel partner network

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4 employee rewards resolutions to make in 2019

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5 key channel partner incentive pitfalls

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What channel partner behaviours should you incentivise?

Sales figures aren't the only thing you should be incentivising as part of your Channel Partner Incentive Program - there's a range of behaviours to reward. .

Why an experience is worth far more than cash

Cash is quick to award and easy to plan for, so why do experts warn against it as an employee incentive reward? Because experiences are so much more effective..

How to create a buzz around your rewards program

An Employee Rewards and Recognition Program can do all sorts for your business - but you need to be able to create a buzz around it to ensure engagement..

4 ways to rejuvenate your sales incentive programme

Is your Sales Incentive Programme getting stale? Are you noticing a lack of engagement from your team. Follow these tips from Power2Motivate to help!.

Why recognition needs to be peer-to-peer as well as top-down

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Travel Incentives: The reward of a lifetime

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What rewards make the biggest impact?

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B2B vs B2C customer loyalty: Is there a difference?

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When is it time to offer employee Rewards and Recognition in your SME?

Rewards and Recognition Programs aren't just for large corporations - small and medium enterprises can also massively benefit from them too..

4 ideas for a Years of Service Awards ceremony

Average job tenure is shrinking, making Years of Service Award Programmes all the more special. Here's how you can make your event a success..

4 considerations for reviewing your Channel Partner Incentive Program

An effective Channel Partner Incentive Program can increase sales significantly, but to make it effective you need to be regularly reviewing it. .

Power2Motivate takes home two 2017 IMA Circle of Excellence awards

At Power2Motivate, we work hard every day to help our clients improve their business. We now have two IMA Circle of Excellence awards to show for it..

What does employee engagement really look like?

Employee engagement is talked about by companies all over the world, but what does it really mean? It's essential businesses define it in order to improve it. .

4 ways to boost motivation in your sales team

Sales is a hard gig, and it can sometimes be tricky keeping up motivation in your team. However this doesn't have to be the case if you follow these four tips..

How to engage Gen Z in an employee rewards program

Generation Z will make up 35 per cent of the workforce by 2020 - is your Rewards and Recognition Program tailored to them? Power2Motivate can help. .

Why is analytics essential to a successful Incentive Program?

Businesses of all sizes have realised the benefits of data and how it can help them improve. This is no different for Incentive Programs..

4 reasons your channel partners aren't performing

There are many benefits to using resellers, but only when they perform. Here are the most common reasons your channel partnerships aren't up to scratch..

4 ways to boost employee morale

Employee engagement is low in Australia, but it doesn't have to be. Here are several simple ways to boost morale in your organisation. .

What does real B2B customer loyalty look like?

True B2B customer loyalty is more than just someone who spends a lot with you. Here's what real customer loyalty looks like and how to win it. .

How to make a sales incentive programme that actually works

Not all sales incentive programmes are born the same - so how can you make yours effective in order to see maximum return on investment?.

How to attract the best talent? Introduce an employee benefits program

The global skills shortage is growing, and it's up to employers to find new ways of attracting top talent. Introducing employee benefits will help them do this..

How to target a new market through customer loyalty and rewards

Targeting a new market is a great way to grow your business, but it's not always easy. Here's how a customer loyalty and rewards program can help..

What type of ROI can you expect to see from a recognition programme?

When you introduce an employee rewards and recognition programme, you'll see a broad range of ROI, from increased engagement to higher revenue. .

4 best practices for your Years of Service Award Program

One of the best ways to retain talent is showing you value loyalty via a Years of Service Award. But what's best practice for this type of program?.

How meeting your resellers and travel incentives can go hand-in-hand

Here's how meeting your resellers (essential to improving channel partner relationships) and travel incentives can go hand-in-hand..

The key to standing out with employee benefits? Choice

Employee benefits have a huge impact on talent attraction and retention. But they need to be effective. How to achieve this? Through choice. .

Why rewarding your sales team isn't the same as rewarding your resellers

Many businesses use a mix of channel partners and direct sales teams. But you shouldn't treat them the same when it comes to communication and rewards..

Why a Years of Service Program can help beat job restlessness

Job restlessness is pervading the modern workforce. But with an employee Years of Service Program, you can help to raise retention at your organisation..

3 ways to increase your number of quality channel partners

If you can increase your channel partners, you'll also be able to raise your revenue. But that's easier said than done. Here are some tips to help you..

How to make your customer loyalty and rewards program stand out

Nowadays, every business seems to have a customer loyalty program, and that means you have to work harder to get yours to stand out. .

Why a customer loyalty and reward program is a no-brainer

Keeping your existing customers loyal requires much less effort, time and resources than trying to tap into new markets. It also lends you a significant degree of free advertising. There are several ways that a Customer Loyalty and Reward Program will help keep your customers loyal..

Why every company needs an employee benefits program

Employee benefits programs can help improve engagement, productivity and the bottom line at your organisation. Here's how..

The psychology behind incentives

Thinking about implementing a new incentive scheme at your company? You might have seen the success similar programmes have had at other businesses - but why is it that incentives are so effective at improving performance, engagement and a variety of other KPIs? Well, it turns out there's all sorts of psychological reasons behind the success of reward schemes. .

Why non-cash rewards are more effective

You might be surprised to find out that when it comes to incentives, it's actually non-cash rewards that work best. Read on to find out why!.

Never ditch your years of service awards - here's why

With more and more millennials and Generation Zers entering the workforce, the average employee tenure across the UK is shrinking. So it's important you implement an effective Years of Service Awards Programme for those who decide to stay. Find out why they are so beneficial, and best practices for your programme. .

Treat your channel partners like your best customers - by rewarding them

It doesn't come as a surprise that customer rewards programs can be extremely effective at gaining brand loyalty and repeat custom. But just as important should be channel partner rewards programs, which incentivise your channel partners to push your products ahead of your competitors. .

How incentives can overcome 4 everyday sales team issues

Your sales team is your lifeblood - without it, you would have no customers and ultimately no money. Here's 4 issues that incentives can help fix..

How to improve under-performing channel partnerships

It's quite rare these days to sell direct to customers. Instead, many brands engage the services of channel partners, who sell your products (as well as those of your competitors'). Here's how you can tell which channel partners might need a little extra boost, and how you can achieve that!.

How to make sales incentives more fun with gamification

Gamification is now being applied to a huge range of industries and departments. Your sales team is likely already using some form of gamification, but there are ways to make it even more effective, especially when linked to a sales incentives program. Here's how it can improve your sales incentive program..

What sales incentives should you offer that your competitors can't?

In a world where the best sales talent is in short supply, your sales incentive programme could make or break your company. So it's important you offer things your competitors can't. Read on to find out why a sales incentive programme is so essential, and how to make yours as effective as possible. .

Why employee happiness is paramount and how incentives can help

Many studies have been released that indicate employee happiness should be at the forefront of your company's agenda. Increased engagement has been linked to lower turnover, higher productivity and lower costs. Here's why engagement is so important, and some handy tips on how you can improve it at your organisation..

Dealing with disruption in the automotive industry

From driverless and electric cars to ride-sharing apps, the automotive industry is experiencing its biggest period of disruption for years. This includes a significant shift towards customer service as being a key driver of sales. How can channel partner incentive programs help businesses deal with this disruption?.

Why a memorable trip trumps a cash bonus every time

With the latest Gallup study indicating that a staggering 87 per cent of employees worldwide are disengaged at work, it's essential that companies find a way to keep their team members motivated. Travel is one of the best ways to do this because it is flexible, offers choice and presents exciting opportunities..

4 common hurdles in a sales incentive programme

Sales is a tough gig, but hitting targets and receiving incentives means it can also be one of the most rewarding jobs there is. However, there are a number of hurdles sales incentive programmes can run into which can have a negative impact on motivation. Here are some of the most common..

Australian employment tenure is shrinking: What can you do about it?

It's not just millennials who are causing the downward trend in job tenure. In Australia, even CEOs aren't staying in their jobs for as long. Here, we explore why this is the case, and what ways there are to increase tenure, including Years of Service Programs such as those offered by Power2Motivate. .

4 ways to strengthen your channel partnerships UK-wide

Customers don't always buy direct from a brand. Instead, they purchase from a reseller, who will work with a number of businesses. This means it's essential you create strong channel partnerships to ensure vendors focus more of their attention on your products. Here's how you can achieve this - with Power2Motivate's help..

2 key ways the right employee engagement program minimises staff turnover costs

Employee engagement, with behavioural incentives and an open dialogue regarding the aims of the program, are vital. The right Employee Rewards Program delivers on employees' desires and reduces their chance of leaving. A program that doesn't give employees what they want will push them out the door - at a significant turnover cost. .

How vital is connecting employees with peer-to-peer recognition?

Your staff will include a diverse range of people. Celebrating each individual's success is about how that success has improved your business - so why not get all of your employees involved in recognising the wins? Peer-to-peer recognition builds a better work culture and is easy to promote with an Employee Recognition Programme..

Why target a new market with a sales channel?

If you want to expand your business' market share, it can be daunting deciding how to target new customers. Many vendors use a sales channel to enter new markets, taking advantage of local sales expertise. The returns on fostering loyal resellers are significant - with loyalty motivated by a Channel Partner Programme..

How to target your entire sales team with individual rewards

Your sales team may work cohesively at times, but ultimately they are still a group of individuals with different motivations. Finding a way of rewarding everyone equally can be a challenge - but with Power2Motivate UK's Sales Incentive Programme, you can get everyone on your team firing on all cylinders! .

Why a comprehensive reseller program is the foundation of loyalty

Communicating strategy and up-to-date product information is vital for a successful sales channel - so the same should go for delivering incentives. Keeping your resellers in the loop with the rewards they get and how they get them is the key to a comprehensive Channel Partner Program. .

Analysing your channel partner loyalty: what do you find?

Loyal, longer-lasting channel relationships: every vendor wants them, but few ever step back to assess their partnerships' strengths and weaknesses. Using Power2Motivate's online platform, it's easy to reward your channel partners for the behaviour you want to see..

3 reasons you need data to back your incentive strategy

It's one thing introducing a Reseller Incentive Programme to improve performances in your sales channels - but how do you know it's working? A programme unaligned with what your resellers want doesn't hit the mark. That's why partnering with Power2Motivate and gathering programme data helps. .

Why milestones matter in driving your Employee Recognition Programme

An Employee Recognition Programme is built on moments - big and small. From recognising positive performance on a small project to celebrating years of hard work with your business, every moment needs to be treated with individual and personal rewards..

Channel partners: When do you have too many?

When it comes to utilising the strongest and most effective sales channel possible, quality is definitely better than quantity. Get rid of zombie channel partners or resellers not doing their best for your business and focus on rewarding your best with a Channel Partner Incentive Program..

4 creative sales contests to use in your incentive strategy

Thinking of ways to motivate your sales team can be challenging, so we've come up with four contests you can use to spur your sellers on. But regardless of what you decide on, it's vital you have a large gallery of rewards - so consider Power2Motivate's Sales Incentive Program..

Why rewards are central to increasing channel deal registrations

Channel deal registrations are an important component in reducing reseller conflict and encouraging a more cohesive channel strategy. Central to improving the number and regularity of deals closed is introducing a Channel Partner Incentive Programme that rewards your best resellers for positive behaviour. .

How important is trust in a channel partnership?

Without trust between vendors and resellers, it is near impossible to implement an effective sales strategy. Fostering a stronger business relationship requires vendors to motivate their channel partners with personal Reseller Incentives. Improving trust starts with a Channel Partner Programme!.

Why re-thinking employee rewards requires technology

It's not as easy as simply introducing an Employee Rewards Program to your business, sitting back and watching your staff become happier and more motivated. Getting the best out of a Rewards Program requires you to re-think the technology you use to manage it..

Addressing the IT skills gap with stronger channel partnerships

The IT skills gap evident in recent years will start to strain channel partnerships as competition for the most skilled candidates causes resellers to under perform or under deliver. Nullifying this issue is easier if vendors strengthen their relationships with Channel Partner incentives. .

How to use channel incentives to address reseller grievances

Resellers and vendors can encounter a number of strains to their channel partnership over time. It is important to maintain the good health of your sales channels, so you need to ensure you address any grievances resellers may have with a channel incentive program..

Does it pay to be more creative with your employee benefits?

It's not enough for businesses nowadays to have just any employee benefits - those that want to compete for the best talent need to think outside the box with their program. See why it pays to partner with an industry-leading incentive provider and become more creative with your employee benefits..

Why up-to-date travel incentives for UK channel partners are vital

The most sought-after travel incentive locations are always changing, and businesses who want to run successful rewards programmes for their channel partners need to keep up with the hot spots. See what the top destinations are to send your hardworking resellers in 2018. .

4 ways Power2Motivate helps you determine your rewards program ROI

Many Australian businesses now use some form of rewards program to recognise the efforts of their employees. But measuring what you put into the program versus your Return on Investment (ROI) is not as often done. See the four ways Power2Motivate can help you determine what your ROI is worth..

6 steps to communicate your rewards programme effectively

You can only make your Employee Rewards and Recognition Programme successful if you communicate it effectively. Here's how.

How can strategic employee recognition boost your business?

UK businesses seem to near-universally appreciate employee rewards programmes. But simply having them isn't enough - you need to use them strategically to motivate individuals. Power2Motivate offers guidance on how to better use your programme to drive improved worker performances..

Why is Australia a travel incentive paradise?

Travel incentives are now common. However, despite the undoubted positives, travel to overseas destinations can be costly. Work with Power2Motivate to create a flexible program that suits everyone with domestic trips as Australia is a true travel incentive paradise..

Two financial benefits of effective employee engagement

Businesses that capitalise on employee engagement through employee rewards and recognition programmes can reap the financial reward..

What can better employee benefits do for your business?

Increasing employee engagement with your business and their professional growth relies on benefits - but what can better employee benefits do?.

3 ways staff benefit programmes work for small businesses

Small businesses struggle to compete for staff and business with larger rivals. But using three key methods, staff benefit programmes can give you an edge..

How online loyalty programs help rebuild damaged customer trust

After a cybersecurity hack, customer trust in your business can be low. This makes technology that enhances your customer services and rebuilds loyalty key..

2015: A Rewarding Year for Power2Motivate

As the world’s leading cloud-based solution for customer loyalty, channel partner incentive, employee rewards and recognition, available in 145 countries and 17 languages, 2015 has been outstanding. The past year has been one to remember for our team at Power2Motivate. .

Why People Leave Their Jobs, and How You Can Stop it

How many new employees have you hired this year? What are you doing to make sure they stay?.

4 ways to get all of your sales team performing

Getting your sales team performing consistently is key to a thriving business. Power2Motivate UK have four ways to get all of your personnel selling. .

3 ways to strengthen your Trans-Tasman channel partner bond

Channel partner bonds across the Tasman are suffering - but Power2Motivate Australia has three rewarding ways to strengthen them..

Why You Should Celebrate Team Successes More Often

According to the APA, only 29 per cent of teams are recognised at work. What problems could this be causing and what is there to gain from getting it right?.

What Should You Do When an Individual Excels?

Several studies show that employers are not adequately acknowledging employee performance. So what are the ways that workers want to be recognised?.

What Makes Employees Feel Valued?

What employees want and what employers expect doesn't match up. With high standards and little recognition, employees are not feeling appreciated..

What do customers want from a loyalty program?

Loyalty programs can be hugely beneficial but what do consumers want out of these loyalty initiatives? Let's take a closer look..

What can better employee benefits do for your business?

Increasing employee engagement with your business and their professional growth relies on benefits - but what can better employee benefits do?.

Tracking the Success of Customer Loyalty Programmes

Retaining your valuable clients is one of the most important aspects of running a business, so find out how a customer loyalty programme could help you..

The Value of Work-Life Balance

In recent years, there has been a push towards understanding the notion of work-life balance. Experts emphasise the importance of achieving and maintaining work-life balance. Who does this concept apply to? .

The Science of Social Recognition

Social recognition is a key factor for motivation in the digital age workplace. How can your employee rewards programme take advantage of the phenomenon?.

Rising Travel Incentive Schemes Show the Value of Rewarding Customers

The loyalty market is more cluttered with competition than ever before. In today's digital landscape, finding a way to stand out and create "True Loyalty", where ​customers​ are loyal to your brand and resistant to competitive offers, has never been more difficult..

Reward and Recognition Lessons From The Company That "Walks the Talk"

As specialists in the recognition and rewards industry, we're convinced of the power of employee engagement and meaningful recognition to transform organisations and spur growth. .

Re-engage 35% of Your Life

We spend approximately 92,120 hours of our lifetime at work (over 18-67 years), give or take a few hundred hours. That’s about 35% of our total waking hours at work..

Is Personal Touch the Secret to Greater Loyalty?

With so much competition for your customers' attention, a dash of personalisation could be just the thing to make your loyalty programme stand out..

Offering better benefits can help with retaining, engaging workers

Are you hoping to keep your staff around and ensure their continued engagement and productivity? Offering great benefits is one way to do that..

Nexus of Forces: How to Gamify Motivation

Organisations are embracing the forward thinking concept of using gamification for their rewards, recognition and loyalty programmes. This solution is the key contributor to being well positioned and taking advantage of new platform features as they arise..

Nexus of Forces: Communication to Boost Your Recognition Programme

Many organisations are transforming the way people relate to technology. Embracing this way of thinking, leaders are able to harness technologies to communicate more effectively in order to boost engagement and improve the performance of their recognition and loyalty programmes. .

Motivating Your Salespeople With Incentives

For many companies, salespeople are on the frontline of driving growth and success. Are you doing enough to recognise their achievements?.

Millennials in Australia struggle to find their work engaging

It's never easy to keep your employees motivated. The latest survey data says it's especially tough when you're managing millennials..

The Millennials - a New Focus for the Recognition and Incentives Industry?

Whilst they are a ring-fenced generation, they still share with their older peers, a universal desire to be acknowledged, appreciated, and rewarded for their efforts in the workplace. Millennials are now reshaping the recognition and incentive industry. .

Luxury Rewards for Stellar Performance

It's nice to show appreciation for anyone who has an impact on your business, but for those who go above and beyond, luxury rewards could be the answer. .

How To Increase Customer Loyalty Through Gamification

Research tells us that games have never been more popular and satisfy some of our deepest human desires. So how can we apply this to customer loyalty?.

How Can You Turn Customers Into Brand Champions?

While the benefits of loyal customers are convincing, what can you do to go one step further and build a base of brand champions?.

How Important is Recognising Employee Achievement?

For many people, the cash bonus is an effective motivation tool. Could there be a better way to praise and encourage employees in your organisation?.

How Can You Re-Commit To Employee Engagement In 2017?

A new year means new goals and in 2017 many businesses will be focusing (once again) on improving employee engagement across their companies..

How Can You Recognise Staff Achievements More Effectively?

Recognising the work that staff do can be trying. But if we look towards classical conditioning, we see how a rewards program can deliver results..

Getting the Most Out of Your Channel Partners

Implementing a tailored channel partner incentive programme is a great way to promote your brand, achieve growth and reach previously untapped markets. .

Fostering employee engagement through travel incentives

Attracting the best employees for your business is only half the battle - keeping them engaged is a huge challenge for modern companies..

Is There a Disconnect in Your Employee Rewards Programme?

While a large number of organisations use some form of employee recognition programme, not every system will achieve optimal results. .

Customer loyalty is a clear profit driver in today's economy

To have a successful business, you need loyal customers. Let's talk about how you can change your corporate culture and secure that loyalty..

The True Cost of Rewarding Your Employees - Vouchers vs Merchandise

As a general rule if you ask anyone whether they prefer cash based rewards like vouchers and pre-paid credit cards, or trophy value rewards like merchandise and travel, often the automatic answer will be to take the cash based reward. .

Choices Make Us Feel More Powerful

Choice is a contentious concept, and has been explored by market researchers numerous times. But what could it mean in the context of incentive programmes?.

Building A Better Customer Loyalty Programme

The most effective customer loyalty programmes are adaptable and agile. Are you getting the best results from your collected consumer information?.

Bring Your Years-Of-Service Rewards into the 21st Century

Recognising the loyalty of employees is still an effective motivational technique, but perhaps your years of service rewards could use an update..

Born To Click-How Technology is the Key to Unlocking the Potential of Millennials

In the fierce world of recruitment, the best candidates will be searching for companies with attractive and compelling offers. This places an emphasis on the need for recognition and a rewards solution for today's techno-employees..

Avoiding The Problems Of Sales Incentives

Sales incentives programmes can be a great motivational tool, but they aren't without problems. Is your scheme in need of a shake up?.

Could Australia's Love for Travel Play a Part in Reward in Your Reward and Incentives Programme?

With the popularity of international travel continuing to rise amongst Australians, perhaps it's worth considering a travel incentive programme..

Are You Delivering A Winning Customer Experience?

Customer experience initiatives have failed in recent times. Research points to a lack of insight into the modern consumer and deficient data use..

5 Tips For Unlocking Employee Happiness (And Productivity!)

Happiness is what everyone strives for. It's the stuff of poems and songs and overused quotes. It stands as a global indicator of a good life. As it turns out, happiness has another thing going for it. According to a 2014 U.K University of Warwick study, happy people are also more productive..

3 reasons talented employees leave

If you're suffering from poor employee retention, you've likely pondered what you can do to prevent workers leaving. Here are three things to avoid..

3 Tips For Building Better Relationships With Channel Partners

Channel partners are becoming integral components in many businesses distribution strategies. So what can you do to ensure these prove to be effective?.

Top 10 Tips to Appreciate Your Employees

With the arrival of Employee Appreciation day, we thought it would be a fantastic idea to share with you our top 10 tips to appreciate your employees. .

10 Reasons to Recognise Employee Achievements

Taking time to recognise employee achievements helps foster engagement, increases productivity, and reduces tension in the work environment. Leading a team can often be a challenging task let alone ensuring all staff are engaged. .

Top 10 Things to Expect from a Global Rewards Provider

Finding a reliable provider who is able to offer and deliver a wide selection of meaningful global rewards remains can often be a challenge. .

Do customer membership programmes drive loyalty in insurance?

Insurance customer membership programmes are failing with evidence of no brand loyalty at renewal. But Power2Motivate U.K. have a solution. .

4 types of employee benefits you need to satisfy millennials

Recent strides have been made to assess what employee benefits suit different generations - Power2Motivate has four you need for satisfied millennials..

Why Years of Service Awards are more relevant than ever

In the digital age, company loyalty and long working tenures are becoming increasingly strained. So why are Years of Service Awards more relevant than ever?.

Want to keep your employees motivated? Send them on trips

If you want to keep your employees motivated, it's best to have a strategy that involves other incentives besides just cash. Travel is a great one..

3 ways employee rewards programmes can satisfy all generations

Addressing the needs of multiple employee age groups can be tough. But Power2Motivate has 3 ways employee rewards programmes can satisfy all generations..

Retaining prized employees is getting tougher and tougher

For Australian businesses, it's only getting more difficult to retain employees. What creative strategies can executives try to combat this problem?.

Tracking the success of customer loyalty programmes

Retaining your valuable clients is one of the most important aspects of running a business, so find out how a customer loyalty programme could help you..

Australia faces an employee engagement crisis - what can be done?

An engaged workforce is the key to a successful business - but engagement is hard to come by in Australia these days. How can you motivate people better?.

What is incentive marketing?

Incentive marketing can be a powerful tool for companies. But what exactly is it? And what should you remember when using it in your marketing strategy?.

Power2Motivate takes home two 2017 IMA Circle of Excellence awards

At Power2Motivate, we work hard every day to help our clients improve their business. We now have two IMA Circle of Excellence awards to show for it..

Power2Motivate Wins Top Industry Award

Power2Motive Wins Top Industry Award for Employee Engagement and Recognition Programme.

Power2Motivate Launches in London

Power2Motivate expands its international presence and chooses London to be its European HeadQuarters..

Why Would We Want to Empower Our Employees?

Empowered employees on the job have better outcomes and results in a more productive work environment..

Why it's time to redefine employee engagement

Employee engagement is a big focus for employers everywhere but annual surveys aren't the answer. How can leaders work to redefine their approaches to engagement?.

What's your channel partner programme missing?

It's true that channel partner programmes can be a key driver in a bid for financial growth, but that path to success isn't always clear-cut..

What sorts of customer loyalty programmes are effective in Australia?

Want to have a successful business for the long haul? Fostering customer loyalty would be a big step forward. What sorts of initiatives can work?.

What makes millennials tick?

Millennials are already a huge part of our workforce - understanding how to properly motivate them is crucial to success. Learn how to do it here! .

Travel incentives: the next great motivational tool

As millennials represent a greater share of the workforce, travel incentives will become a popular tool organisations can use to motivate their sales teams..

To earn customers' trust, you've got to show you want them

Do you want to build a loyal base of customers for your business? If so, you'll need to make people feel like they're wanted. Let's talk about how..

Three Steps to Make Your Brand a Habit

Loyalty programmes with fantastic rewards can encourage your existing customers to stick around, and even attract some new ones..

The step before rewards: Getting consumers hooked on digital channels

Before you can get people interested in a customer loyalty programme, they need to be invested in your products. How does this work in the mobile world?.

There's a reason why customers ignore or leave your loyalty programme

Many organisations' customer loyalty programmes are stagnant or losing members. The vast majority of consumers leave because loyalty points are difficult to earn..

Return customers: The millennial generation and customer loyalty

Millennials hold a large portion of spending power, but organisations far and wide are struggling with their marketing strategies to gain their brand loyalty..

The intersection of workplace culture and sales performance

Slumping sales performance isn't necessarily the fault of employees. Often, an improved workplace culture is what motivates salespeople to hit their targets..

Small businesses should think big with employee incentives

Many small businesses see employee benefits and incentives as wasteful capital expenditures, but they can provide a return on investment in multiple ways..

Peer to Peer Recognition – When it Doesn’t Work

It can be hard to tell the difference between someone exceeding expectations at work or just doing their required job. It is important to know the difference in order to recognise the over achievers..

Organisations must adapt to thrive in candidate-driven market

In the current candidate-driven market, companies have less leverage than ever before. Improve your chances of hiring by improving benefits and employee recognition..

Offering travel incentives is a great way to motivate superior work

Looking for a little extra motivator to get your employees fired up? The chance to travel just might give them the boost they need..

Motivating Staff is Vital to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Call Centres

A company’s reputation is vital to its very existence and with the world being a rather scarily transparent domain, there’s nowhere to hide. As we all know, it only takes one social media outburst by a disgruntled customer to keep your PR department busy for weeks. .

It's time to gamify your sales incentive programme

Organisations with slumping employee engagement numbers should turn to gamification as a way to bolster sales incentive programmes and recognition..

Incentivising your sales staff to chase real success

Having a great sales team is vital if you want to run a successful business. What strategies can put your salespeople on the right track?.

How to truly engage your customers

Engaging your customers is critical for continued business success. But how can businesses make sure they are genuinely engaging their audience?.

How to Create a Customer Loyalty Programme that Makes a Positive Impact

Customer loyalty has really become a focus for businesses over the last two decades and trying to crack this concept in an ever changing market can often be difficult..

Gotta Catch 'em All: Securing Employee Engagement

Much like the rarest of Pokemon, employee engagement can be hard to capture. However, the potential powers of securing high levels of staff involvement are well worth the effort - especially when you consider engagement statistics..

Give staff the chance to exercise their creativity

There are number of positive behaviours that leaders can encourage in their staff. What role does creativity play in a successful business?.

Get the most out of your tenured employees

Tenured employees have excelled at their job for so long, they can begin to disengage with their work. It's up to the organisation to motivate them once again..

Emphasise the customer in your loyalty programme

Many organisations don't see a return on investment for their customer loyalty programme because they don't provide enough value to the consumer..

Don't let poor employee engagement hold your company back

Employee engagement is key to the financial health of a business, but many organisations simply don't know how to improve their workplace culture..

Competitive pay can help with attracting talent - and keeping it

There are a lot of factors that can motivate employees to succeed, but money tends to speak louder than all the others, especially in Australia..

Channel partner incentives: Building blocks for loyalty

Channel partner incentives have little effect on their own. Paired with the right strategy, though, and they can become valuable building blocks for loyalty..

Are disengaged employees hurting the value of your business?

Engaged employees can add real value to your business - but conversely, disengaged people can really hurt you. Try to stave off this problem..

2 surefire ways to improve your customer loyalty programme

Customer loyalty programmes can be hugely useful for businesses but you need to make sure your users are actually engaged. What can you do to improve your platform?.

What are the key factors that drive customer loyalty?

To run a successful business, you need to have a loyal base of customers. What key factors will determine the loyalty of your patrons?.

Power2Motivate And Cisco Win Best Global Channel Incentive Programme 2016

Power2Motivate and Cisco Systems recently won the award for Best Global/International Incentive Programme at the 2016 annual Motivation and Incentive Awards..

Power2Motivate and Brother Awarded an IMA Circle of Excellence Award

On July 19, the Incentive Marketing Association held its annual Circle of Excellence Awards in Houston, Texas, which celebrated the best incentive programs from around the world to hit the market this year..

Power2Motivate obtains ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certification

Power2Motivate's achievement of the ISO 9001:2015 reflects its commitment to world-class quality, unwavering customer focus and continual improvement..

See You at Rewards & Recognition Expo 2016

The annual Rewards & Recognition Expo is almost here! .

Could Video Games Hold the Secret to Improving Your Incentive Programme?

Video games are a huge part of the modern entertainment spectrum. Could your incentive programme learn something from the phenomenon?.

Nexus of Forces: Transforming Reward and Recognition Programmes

Organisations are embracing the forward thinking concept of using advanced platforms to recognise and reward their employees. This solution is the key contributor to boost morale, motivate, incentivise and retain staff. .

Power2Motivate Announces Industry First for the Middle East: Oman Arab Bank

An Employee Rewards Programme for Oman Arab Bank has been announced for Power2Motivate as an industry first for the Middle East. .

Power2Motivate Wins Top Industry Award

The Employer of Choice inaugural survey developed by HRD magazine collects data from over 2,000 employers nationwide and identifies those who are going above and beyond to develop outstanding workplaces..