Sales incentive programmes that work

Sales Incentive Programmes

Your sales team is a critical part of your business; finding leads, expanding your reach into new customer bases and representing your brand name publically are all key to your business’ performance. It makes sense that you would reward these tireless employees with exciting benefits - which is where sales incentive programmes from Power2Motivate UK come into play.

With Power2Motivate by your side, your salespeople will be living and breathing your brand. We specialise in motivating employees to achieve their KPIs, maximise cross-selling opportunities and increase lead-referrals, all while reinforcing positive behaviour and motivating team members.

Why do you need a sales staff incentive programme?

There are numerous reasons why employee incentive programmes are right for your business:

  • Motivation: Trying to motivate your sales staff to go the extra mile for your business can sometimes be challenging, especially on tough days. An incentive programme will push them to achieve more, for themselves and for your business.

  • Loyalty and retention: Once they've experienced the first benefits of a sales incentive program, your staff will be enthusiastic about remaining with your business and push themselves to succeed.

  • Hiring: A great sales rep is invaluable to any business, but an enticing incentive programme can give your business an edge when seeking new and talented candidates.

Finding sales staff to join your business is the easy part - ensuring they deliver to their potential every day and remain motivated to stay with your business doesn’t have to be the hard part.

Why choose Power2Motivate for your sales team incentive programmes?

We recognise that no two businesses are the same, so our points-based sales incentive programme can be customised to meet your budget and unique needs. It can be used anywhere in the world through a web-enabled device and is available in 17 different languages, so even companies with offices spanning the globe can experience the benefits. It's even easy to see ROI and track engagement and motivation thanks to our innovative solution. Our real-time reporting is simple and quick - a few clicks, and you'll have all the information you need.

With built-in leaderboards and exciting gamification, it's easy to give hard working sales personnel the recognition they deserve. Better yet, they can have the choice of a range of rewards from our extensive, exclusive Rewards Gallery, including electronics, household appliances, event tickets and global vacations. Watch your salespeople set their own reward targets and achieve them.

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Our incentive marketing and employee rewards programmes make a real impact in businesses around the world. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Luminosity Programme

Since launching the Luminosity programme we have seen an increase in engagement with our company values. The gallery is fantastic, employees love the idea of receiving points and it really helps Lumo Energy reward awesomeness. Power2Motivate provide comprehensive reporting on a regular basis showing our ROI and tracks how engaged our employees are, not only with the programme, but with our company values as well.

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